Q. Why won't It's Britney!  open on my iPhone or iPod Touch?

A. It could be for several reasons. Try these little tricks and see if they help.

Restart your iPhone or iPod Touch
If you are having problems with the application, you should try this first.
Sometime simply restarting your device will resolve your problem.

Check your OS
The It's Britney!  application only works on OS 3.1 or higher.
Be sure that your software is up to date.

Re-download It's Britney!
If the application isn't working after you restart your device have confirmed your
OS is 3.1 or higher, then try removing the application from your iPhone or
iPod Touch and installing it.

Q. How do I submit my Be Britney's Dancer  photo to BritneySpears.com?

A. When you are using BBD, you pick your own photo and insert it onto the head of the dancer.
When you click the "save" button, you are given the option to "Submit to BritneySpears.com".
Select that and check back to BritneySpears.com to see if your photo is being featured!

Q. What countries is It's Britney!  available in?

A. It is for sale in all countries where the Apple iTunes Store is selling apps.

Q. How do I upload my own photos to Be Britney's Dancer?

A. To upload your own photos to Be Britney's Dancer, use your photos saved in "Camera Roll" if you're using an iPhone, or "Saved Photos" if you're using an iPod Touch.

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